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      New Design Possibilities with KAPTON ® polyimide film

      KAPTON ® polyimide film by DuPont is an electrical insulation material with outstanding thermal, mechanical, chemical and electrical properties.
      KAPTON ® has been used successfully in field applications where the environmental temperatures were as low as -269?C and as high as 400?C.
      KAPTON ® can be easily fabricated by a wide variety of techniques, including die cutting, punching and thermoforming. It offers excellent adhesive bondability as well.
      For further information, please look at one of the following major application fields:


    • Flexible printed circuits (substrate material)
    • Semiconductor insulator pads
    • Semiconductor radiation protection
    • Aerospace-wire applications
    • Magnet-wire applications
    • Solder masks
    • Fiber-optic cable protection
    • Pressure-sensitive tape
    • High-performance parts
    • High-temperature diaphragms
    • Pressure switches
    • Aircraft shims
    • Emergency Escape Smoke Hood
    • Motor slot liners
    • Gaskets and diaphragms
    • Belts
    • Insulation blankets for the space program
    • Military low-observables and electronic concealment
    • Sensors
    • Carrier film for tape automated bonding (TAB)
    • Bar code labels
    • Voice coils

    Kapton® FCR is used as the primary insulation in this AC traction motor.

    Kapton® FN is used as the primary insulation in this DC traction motor.

    Airbus transformer rectifier. Kapton® is used as primary insulation on the conductors and between conductor layers.

    [ Corona Resistant KAPTON ® CR Polyimide Film ]

    [ Kapton ® JP Polyimide film for forming ]



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    Caution: Do not use in medical applications involving permanent implantation in the human body. For other medical applications, see “DuPont Medical Caution Statement”, H-50102.

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