Kapton® JP Polyimide film for forming

    Product Description

    The Kapton JP family of polyimide films has been designed to give optimum forming characteristics. JP films have higher elongations at elevated temperatures while maintaining the combination of excellent physical, electrical, and mechanical properties inherent in Kapton HN and HA. JP polymer properties enable drawing deeper parts at lower temperatures and shorter cycle times. After forming, parts exhibit excellent shape retention and minimum shrinkage.

    Application Examples

    Parts may be formed from JP film that were previously difficult or impossible to form with Kapton HN and HA :
  1. Diaphragms for automotive and heating and ventilating sensors and switches
  2. Speaker cones, domes, spiders, and surrounds
  3. Oher applications including appliances, electronics, transformer case and aerospace

  4. Available Film Thickness : 1mil, 2mil, 3mil and 5 mil

    Forming Information

    JP films can be thermoformed using high temperature forming technology developed by Dupont. JP films can be formed at temperatures approximately 93 C (200 F) lower than those needed to form conventional Kapton ® films such as HN and HA.
    Some guidelines for forming JP films include :
  5. forming temperature of 280-300 C (535-570 F)
  6. 400-500 psi pressure
  7. annealing of the part

    Figure 1. Elongation of Kapton JP Films as a Function of Temperature

    Parts formed using optimum forming conditions have shrinkage of < 4% after 8 hr exposure to temperatures up to 260 C (500 F).

    Figure 2. Moduls of Kapton JP Films as a Function of Temperaure

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