"Teonex" PEN Film

UL1446 Electrical Insulation System with Toyobo "Teonex" PEN Film

New Insulation Systems With Toyobo "Teonex" PEN Film and P.Leo PEN Tape 1PEN2, 1PEN3, 1PN2R, 1PN3R Can Speed UL® Recognition


    P.Leo is offering more ways to engineer electrical devices for fast-track recognition for Class F (155°C), Class H (180°C), Class N (200°C) performance under the UL® 1446 standard.

    "Teonex" pretested, EIS UL® Electrical Insulation Systems (EIS) combining Toyobo "Teonex" Q5100 polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) film for ground and phase-to-phase insulation with prescribed types of magnet wire, tape, varnish and other insulation materials are now available. Seven of the EIS systems are approved for Class F (155°C), Class H (180°C), Class N (200°C).

    Toyobo "Teonex" PEN is a biaxially oriented film with performance and cost between those of PET polyester and polyimide films. PEN film offers high stiffness and mechanical strength, low thermal shrinkage, and excellent dielectric strength, hydrolysis and chemical resistance. Toyobo supplies it in a range of thicknesses from 100 to 500 gauge (25 to 125 µm).

    With the new systems, a total of seven Electrical Insulations Systems using Toyobo "Teonex" Q5100 film and P.Leo PEN Tape 1PEN2, 1PEN3, 1PN2R, 1PN3R are now available, three with Class F, two with Class H and two with Class N recognition under UL 1446 and IEC publication 85. Other insulation materials listed in the systems include DuPont Kapton® brand polyimide film, DuPont Nomex® brand aramid paper and parts molded from DuPont Rynite® brand PET thermoplastic polyester resin.

    For motors and other electrical products, new Class F, Class H and Class N UL® Insulation Systems for Toyobo "Teonex" PEN film cut time and expense for gaining UL® recognition.

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    New Pen UL1446 Electrical Insulation System - for brief reference only

    F88 Class F (155° C)

    F90 Class F (155° C)

    F91 Class F (155° C)

    H82 Class H (180° C)

    H85 Class H (180° C)

    N82 Class N (200° C)

    N89 Class N (200° C)

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