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    Impregnating Resins:

    Ripley resin has been a leader in the transformer impregnant industry for over 40 years. The 468-2 line of Ripley VI (vacuum impregnation) and VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation) resins were designed specifically to provide complete and void free impregnation of transformers and laminations. Our resin is found in some of the quietest transformers in the industry and is also effective with fine wire applications, ballast's, and sand casting. Our 468-2 line offers:

    • unsurpassed heat transfer
    • excellent reduction of core noise and wire vibration
    • U.L. recognized insulation systems for all temperature classes and construction materials
    • long term impregnation tank stability
    • superior bond strength

    Our resins are 100% solventless to meet the strictest environmental standards and epoxy based to maintain the highest quality standards in the industry.

    Our technical staff is pleased to offer you assistance with:

    • choosing a resin
    • formulating a new resin for your special needs
    • proper care and handling of your impregnating resin
    • selection and use of compatible insulation materials
    • transformer preparation prior to VI
    • system fault diagnosis

    Product Number

    Principle Use


    Gel Time

    Cure Cycle

    468-2 100% Solventless Epoxy Based Electrically Insulating Resin 350 cPs 1 hr. @135C 4-6 hrs @135C
    468-2XX A fast gel and fast cure version of 468-2 Electrical Insulating Resin 350 cPs 44 min @ 135C 2-3 hrs @ 135C
    468-2FC A faster gel version of 468-2 which provides better tank stability 350 cPs 15 min @135C 4 hrs @ 135C
    468-2FCY A faster gel, faster cure version of 468-2FC Electrical Insulating Resin 350 cPs 7 min @ 135C 1 hr @ 135C
    468-2-7 100% Solventless Epoxy based Electrical Insulating Resin which provides unsurpassed heat transfer and high resin retention. 6400 cPs 1 hr @ 125C 4 hrs. @ 125C
    468-2-7FC A faster cure version of 468-2-7 6400 cPs 1hr @ 110C 4 hrs @ 110C
    468-2-7FCY A rapid gel and cure version of 468-2-7 with better tank stability 6400 cPs 7 min @135C 1 hr @135C
    All resins listed here are U.L. recognized for all temperature classes and construction materials.

    Epoxylite is the only company in the United States to sell both impregnating resins and impregnation equipment. This guarantees that we are able to offer you the most comprehensive level of service in every stage of processing.

    Link to VI equipment page

    Potting/Encapsulation Compounds

    Epoxylite is pleased to offer a number of potting compounds which have achieved U.L. 94V-0 flammability ratings.

    Product Number Description Color Shore Hardness Viscosity @ 25 C
    #471-5LL High Performance, room cure, long pot life, low viscosity, 94V-0 rated, low shrinkage and exotherm, will not crack or alter sensitive core materials. Black 80 D 2,250 cps
    #7002 General purpose, low cost 94V-0 rated room cure system. One to one mix ratio. Black 85 D 10,000 cps
    #6965 General purpose, low cost 94V-0 rated room cure system. #6965 offers a fast cure with many of the benefits of #471-5LL. Gray 85 D 8,000 cps
    If a U.L. rating is not required Epoxylite has several potting/encapsulation compounds which meet the highest quality standards at exceptional values.
    #6655-9 Lowest cost, general purpose, room cure system. Designed for fast set up time and outstanding "properties/price" performance. Black 85 D 33,000 cps
    #I-100-230 High performance, long pot life, low viscosity, low shrinkage, low exotherm, room cure system. Clear 85 D 190 cps
    #C-100 series General purpose, low viscosity, room cure system. Various 85 D 3,000 cps
    #468-2-7F General purpose, oven cure, single component epoxy system. Tan 65 D 115,000 cps

If you are having problems with your present compound, or would like to compare our potting resins on a cost basis, write or E-MAIL for a sample today:
e-mail at

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