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2023 Transformer Designing Software

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Insulation Materials of Electric Vehicles Seminar


P.LEO Group will hold a large-scale symposium on May 15, 2023 at the "Golden Egg" Charles K. Kao Auditorium, the landmark of the Pak Shek Kok Science Park in Hong Kong. The company founded in 1973 has been in the industry for half a century. It is a professional supplier of insulating materials. Its main products include high-temperature insulating tape, insulating tubes & sleeving, enameled copper wire, insulating composite materials and more.

UL is a global leader in applied safety science, UL Solutions transforms safety, security, and sustainability challenges into opportunities for customers in more than 100 countries.

The "Golden Egg" Charles K. Kao Auditorium, a landmark in Pak Shek Kok Science Park, will serve as the centerpiece conference center for the symposium, accommodating up to 240 guests. We sincerely invite you to participate in this event and actively share your valuable ideas and suggestions on the following topics. The main topics of the seminar are as follows:

1. P.LEOcovers a comprehensive UL insulation system/P.LEO UL Electrical Insulation System (EIS) from Class B (130⁰C) to Class S (240⁰C). The latest UL electrical insulation system includes halogen-free materials. P.LEOElectrical Insulation Materials (EIM).

1a) SumitomoClass F UL Electrical Insulation System with Halogen Free Materials.

1b) CelaneseNew UL EIS Class F (CRZ200) with Innovative Sustainable Solution in Ground Insulations.

2. UL Solutions How to establish an UL Electrical Insulation System (EIS) and adopt an EIS by accessing the UL iQTMdatabase.

3. P. LEO TIWireThe application of three-layer insulation wire OBJT2 TIW and FIW.

4. Polytechnic UniversityProf.Eric Cheng. Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage: Present and Future.

5. Micrometals  Industry leading magnetic core“Optimization of Inductor Designs for Switch Mode Power Supplies and EV Applications”.

6. ElantasHigh-efficiency and environment-friendly Insulation Varnishes.

7. UL Solutions UL Charging Station Standards and Insulation System Requirements.

8. OrangeInsulation requirements and implementation methods of charging piles.

9. PowerEsimswitching power supply circuit design software and transformer calculation/simulation tools.

Venue: Charles K. Kao Auditorium in the Golden Egg Hall, the landmark of the Pak Shek Kok Science Park Hong Kong

Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm, May 15, 2023

Admission registration time: 8:30am – 9:00am, May 15, 2023

Lunch Time: 12:00noon – 13:00pm,There are many delicious foods in the Science Park.

Participation fee: Registration free of charge.After confirmation by email, we will send an admission ticket by email.Please bring with the admission ticket for your entry.Please sign up as soon as possible!

P.LEO has the final decision rights, and participants shall not disagree.

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