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    pleo Logo 1K063CR is a 0.025mm thick Kapton® CR film coated with Silicon based thermosetting pressure sensitive adhesive can perform an excellent thermal property at 200oC. The Corona resistance of Kapton® CR to compare with the standard Kapton® HN at a voltage stress of 20KV/mm (500 V/mil) AC at 50 Hz, for example Kapton ®CR has a life endurance in excess 100,000 hr (11 1/2 years), in comparing to 200 hours for Kapton® HN. Similar substantial improvements in corona resistance and outstanding high temperature retention of physical and electrical properties found with Kapton® CR. The UL Cat.Number is 1K063


    These products feature toughness, puncture resistance, conformability and class 200o C performance for electrical applications.

                                                1K063CR  (UL Cat.# 1K063)
    PROPERTIES                                   UNITS
    COLOR                                         Amber
    TOTAL THICKNESS      mm                        0.06
    FILM THICKNESS        (mil)                     1
    TENSILE STRENGHT   kgs/25mm                     14
    ELONGATION            %                         50
    ADHESION TO STEEL  kg/25mm                      0.5
    DIELECTRIC BREAKDOWN  KV                          6
    TEMPERATURE CLASS     oc                     200
    INSULATION RESISTANCE (Megohms)             1 x 106
    FLAME RETARDANT                               YES

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