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P. LEO® Electrical Tape Technical Data
UL Cat. Number : Description
1A025 Actate Cloth Tape
1C821 Cotton Cloth Tape
1E070 Copper Foil Tape
1E075 Copper Foil Tape
1G006 Glass Cloth Tape
1G015 Glass Cloth Tape
1G027 Glass Cloth Tape
1G08S Glass Cloth Tape
1G18S Glass Cloth Tape
1G130 Glass Cloth Tape
1G155 Glass Cloth Tape
1G180 Glass Cloth Tape
1G190 Glass Cloth Tape
1G220 Glass Cloth Tape
1H802 Composit Film (Polyester/mat) Tape
1H818 Composit Film (Polyester/mat) Tape 0.45mm thick
1H850 Composit Film (Polyester/mat) Tape
1H860(17) Composit Film (Polyester/mat) Tape
1H860(D) Composit Film (Polyester/mat) Tape
1H860(T) Composit Film (Polyester/mat) Tape
1H860 Composit Film (Polyester/mat) Tape
1H861 Composit Film (Polyester/mat) Tape
1H862 Composit Film (Polyester/mat) Tape
1H863 Composit Film (Polyester/mat) Tape
1H866 Composit Film (Polyester/mat) Tape
1H86A Composit Film (Polyester/mat) Tape
1K06A Polyimide Film (Kapton) Tape
1K063 Polyimide Film (Kapton) Tape
1K63A Polyimide Film (Kapton) Tape
1K055 Polyimide Film (Kapton) Tape
1K063CR Polyimide Film (Kapton) Tape
1K125 Polyimide Film Tape
1K12A Polyimide Film Tape
1K220 Polyimide Film Tape
1K22A Polyimide Film Tape
1K7170 Polyimide Film (Kapton) Tape
1K7172 Polyimide Film (Kapton) Tape
1K7200 Polyimide Film Tape
1K7220 Polyimide Film Tape
1K7270 Polyimide Film (Kapton) Tape
1KPST Polyimide Film Tape
1M608 Crepe Masking Paper Tape
1M860 Crepe Masking Paper Tape
1N008F Nomex Aramid Paper Tape
1N012 Nomex Aramid Paper Tape
1N155 Nomex Aramid Paper Tape
1N020 Nomex Aramid Paper Tape
1N030 Nomex Aramid Paper Tape
1P130 Polyester (Polyethylene teraphethalate Film) Tape
1P700 Polyester (Polyethylene teraphethalate Film) Tape
1P701 Polyester (Polyethylene teraphethalate Film) Tape
1P717 Polyester (Polyethylene teraphethalate Film) Tape
1P751 Polyester (Polyethylene teraphethalate Film) Tape
1P801(2) Polyester (Polyethylene teraphethalate Film) Tape
1P801 Polyester (Polyethylene teraphethalate Film) Tape
1P802(2) Polyester (Polyethylene teraphethalate Film) Tape
1P802 Polyester (Polyethylene teraphethalate Film) Tape
1P802B Polyester (Polyethylene teraphethalate Film) Tape
1P830 Polyester (Polyethylene teraphethalate Film) Tape
1P9FR Polyester (Polyethylene teraphethalate Film) Tape
1PEN2, 1PEN3, 1PN2R, 1PN3R Pen (Polyethylene Naphthalate) Tape
1PFRA Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Tape
1PFRS Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Tape
1PG880 Filament Reinforced Tape
1PG887 Filament Reinforced Tape
1PK825 Polyester Knit & Cloth Tape
1PN820 Polyester Knit & Cloth Tape
1PN828 Polyester Knit & Cloth Tape
1PS25 PPS Film Tape
1PS2A PPS Film Tape
1PPSS PPS Film Tape
1PS2S PPS Film Tape
1TF05 PTFE Cloth Tape
1TF07 PTFE Cloth Tape
1V078 PVC Tape
1V808 PVC Tape
1XC5S PCB Tape
OL8140 Double side adhesive tape

Correct ways to use and store pressure sensitive tapes

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