P. LEO OBJT2 UL File E491285
P. LEO OBMW2 UL File E158033
Polyimide wrapped Litz wire

P. LEO BCwire have built various kinds of Litz wires from the thinnest size of 0.030mm x 10 ~ 192,500 strands to the thickest size of 0.100mm x 64,500 strands with 220°C Polyimide tape developed to meet Halogen free requirement. Rectangular type Litz Wires are also available. We can even provide 100mm maximum OD (Outer Diameter) size, namely 8,000 mm2 other than 0.030mm(48AWG) minimum litz wire. Our filament Wire Item# 3PIM in UL file E158033 OBMW2 Magnet Wire and UL File E491285 OBJT2 is capable to meet rigid demand of reinforced Class F application, ranging from 0.35mm to 2.5mm.

#3PIM Litz wire wrapped by polyimide tape functions as great insulating material with excellent mechanical properties. The other strengths of polyimide include its fantastic resistance to flame, excellent performance in radiation intense environments and great physical toughness. These properties were advantageous for various applications including circuit boards etc.

P. Leo wrapped Polyimide tape around a conductor to create a wire. It was a natural progression for the wire based on the mentioned properties of polyimide. The polyimide tape used for wire insulation had an additional coating on the tape to make it less susceptible to degradation in high humidity environments. To further reduce the exposure of the polyimide insulation to humidity, wire construction, pairing polyimide with a silicone layer, helps to reduce the threats from arc tracking.

#3PIM Litz wires consist of multiple rope like bunched single insulated wires and are used in a wide range of applications requiring good flexibility and high frequency performance. High frequency Litz wires are made of multiple single wires electrically isolated from each other and used in applications within a frequency range between 10 kHz and 5 MHz. Per UL’s record in our existing UL File E491285 (OBJT2) the wire with the insulation thickness no more than 0.08mm can meet the requirement of UL 60950 (IEC 62368) and UL 2353 standard.

#3PIM is applied to switching power supply transformers. It can reduce heat generation from coils and help the transformers be easily downsized for lower profiles. The lineup of these products includes multiple-stranded Litz wire types as well as self-bonding types, for use including high-frequency, high-power transformers in automotive applications and equipment such as high-capacity servers.

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