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pleo Logo [ PEN TAPE ] - CLASS F - 155 ° C
Electrical Tape apply in Class H & N Insulation System for ground and interwinding material.

pleo Logo UL Electrical Insulation System
Class B (130 ° C) Class F (155 ° C)
Class H (180 ° C) Class N (200 ° C) Class R (220 ° C) offered without charge by P. Leo as part of our service to customers.

pleo Logo Elecrical Tape 1K063CR
Corona resistance Kapton ® CR Tape
designed to withstand corona discharge which can cause ionization and eventual breakdown of an insulation meterial when voltage stress reaches a critrical level.

pleo LogoNomex ® paper Tape 1N012, 1N008, 1N155>

rubadue LogoMultiple Layer Wires for transformer and power suppliers includes RXT Triple Insulated wire with UL1950, CSA950 and IEC to Annex U approvals.

What is OBJT2 ?

Underwriters Laboratories has a category for winding wires called OBJT2 - SPECIALTY TRANSFORMER WINDING WIRES

This category covers insulated wire for use in transformers which normally do not have interleaved insulation. The insulation provides basic, supplementary or reinforced insulation in wound components in class A,E,B,F and H insulation systems using round winding wire. The normal diameter in this category is .2mm - 1.0mm. Rubadue Wire has approved from .07mm to 2.5mm

Approval to this standard by definition means that the product is approvewd to the current edition of UL60950. The current edition of UL60950 is the 3rd Edition, even though there was no 1st or 2nd Edition that anyone knows of !

The basic standard used to evaluate this wire is the "Outline for Investigation for Special Transformer Winding Wire", Subject 2353 which is on IEC 60950. Other standards that may be used are IEC60851; UL746A; and UL60950, Annex U.

Marking - This is a component program listing and the marking required is manufacturer's identification, catalog model and UL Recognized Component Mark.

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