Corona Resistant Kapton® CR Polyimide film

    Now, you can get all the outstanding benefits of KAPTON® polyimide film for insulating traction motors and transformers, plus a whole lot more :
  1. The Following Figure compares the Corona resistance of Kapton® CR to that of standard Kapton ® HN. At a voltage stress of 20 kV/mm,(500 V/mil) AC at 50 Hz, for example, Kapton ® CR has a life endurance in excess of 100,000 hr (11 1/2 years), compareed to 200 hours for Kapton ®HN. Similar substantial improvements in corona resistance are seen at other voltages as well. Testing was performed independently by Dupont, ABB Industries AG Switzerland, and Siemens AG according to IEC 343.
  2. Twice the thermal conductivity of standard KAPTON.
  3. Your choice of film types and widths, including a heat-sealable version, laminated to DuPont TEFLON ® EFP film.

    Just Sample the Amazing Corona Resistance of KAPTON ® CR !
  4. You'll need a new scale to measure the outstanding corona resistance of DuPont KAPTON CR polyimide film. That's because compared to standard KAPTON, KAPTON CR offers corona resistance that's more than two orders of magnitude better (see chart) ! And, it provides twice the thermal heat conductivity - 0.385 W/m .K. Yet, it retains all the excellent electrical, mechanical and physical properties for which KAPTON is know.
  5. Choose from a veriety of width - from 3.0mm to 1,200mm - in 25 micron thickness. (Thicker versions planned.) A heat-sealable version, consisting of 25-micron KAPTON CR laminated to 12.5-micron DuPont TELFON ® FEP film, is also available.
  6. Corona Resistant Katpon ® Pressure Sensitive Tapes are supplied by P. Leo under Part Number 1K7170CR or 1K063CR.

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